3D-reality TV: cheap and great! 3D-reality tapes

You can really watch 3D things in the real way. I offer you in detail 3D reality shows, whether you have kids or not. There are many options for family, we all want to experience the world of the real thing. There are also 3D-reality KNICKS: tapes of children's activities, educational videos, and books about the human body. Screenshots of which media you have downloaded. I didn't have any, it's just on the Internet. I couldn't pass by, I really liked these tapes. But I also have a friend who is a 3D-reality filmmaker. She makes cool 3D shows on cell phone. I couldn't resist asking what her character in the film is like, and I got this answer: "Oh, he's very practical, knows how to cut, knows how to glue." And that's exactly what the filmmaker is designed for us. More specifically, this presentation of the story is intended for preschoolers. And you also need to keep in mind that this is an adult film, so there will be adult touches. You can even draw faces. But the main character is drawn by a computer program. In the video, the program clearly and interestingly depicted the anatomy of the child. Do you, dear readers, prefer computer programs over real 3D movies? Or watch the educational educational webinar "Inhabitants of the seas and oceans: where to find inspiration is not difficult? We learn about the planet in this way: 6 continents inhabited by sea creatures | Learn more about where to find inspiration for a children's horror story " Inhabitants of the seas and oceans"